Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Look A-Like!!!!

Good morning everyone! Here's another layout I created yesterday of my son with his dad. My son doesn't really care for this layout because he doesn't really care for his dad since he isn't around for him. I mean I do not speak bad of the guy, but my son has come to the tender age of 14 were he knows and sees how his dad is. Crazy right! He( the guy) brought that all on his self. I hate my little man has to deal with that, but he knows who is there for him and he calls me his dad on Fathers day! How cute. Anyway, this photo was taken a few years ago before his dad left town. Whenever those two were together (Which was not often) people would always say how much they looked alike. I basicly scraped this photo for that REASON ONLY!!!!!! Hey the guy is a dead beat, but i have such a AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED little man out of the deal. Mommy loves YOU baby no matter what. You are always going to have me. I'm your mother and your father along with your uncles.
Thanks for looking! Teniqua


  1. great LO! I love the swirls! Thanks for all the love on my blog! :)

  2. Nice layout...They do look like twins...



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