Monday, July 5, 2010

Photo Coasters!!!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed there 4th of July weekend and having an extra day to be at home relaxing. My project for the week is one that i have been wanting to try. Photo Tile Coasters! I got inspired to do so from visiting a blog that i love to visit from time to time. This lady has some very nice work. If you are wondering who i am talking about you can visit her here at

She also created this project and i fell in love with it. This project will make a nice gift to family and friends. All it took was 4x4 tiles, cork, modge podge, stamps, ink, permanent glue, tissue paper, and of course photos of your choice. Creating this project was quit simple and actually very quick to complete. I made this set for myself, but i will be creating some for my family and friends.

Also check out in the resources section. They have an awesome tutorial on creating this project that you can actually print out. Just search Photo Tiles on their site.

For info on printing on tissue paper check out Look for the video tutorial in her archives section.

Well everyone i hope you liked my project for the week and it inspires you to create some photo coasters for your family or friends. Thanks for looking! ~Teniqua~


  1. Hi there! Ran across your video on YouTube when I was searching for photo coaster ideas. Loved your coasters!! Been wanting to make some for awhile now and with Christmas coming up it is the perfect time! Now just have to get some supplies. Glad I found your blog! you have some really cute stuff!

  2. Hi! I also found your little you tube video. I came up with this idea recently myself and made some photo coasters and used Mod Podge. I came across a little problem though (thus searching on the net for other coaster makers)... I noticed that your coaster 'stuck' to another one a bit when you started showing them. Mine also 'stick' when they have been stacked. I have let them dry sufficiently and they do not stick to anything else apart from when they are stacked. Can anything else be used apart from Mod Podge or can a laquer be put on over the top of the Mod Podge?

  3. Have you tested your coasters with hot and cold liquid in cups/mugs? I made coasters similar to yours that I saw on yout tube and cold is fine but the coffee cup left a melted ring in sealer! Any suggestions?? I used mod podge and polyurethane sealer.



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