Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Hi everyone!!! I hope everyone is having a Happy Father's Day today! I just wanted to say Happy Father's day to all our father's out there as well as all our single mother's out there who are being both mother and father to their children! I especially want to to give a big ups to you all, because so many times it goes unnoticed and it is extremely hard raising a child or children with no male figure around. Trust me ladies i know. I became a single mother almost three years ago when the father of my children died suddenly. It is extremely hard,but i have to keep going and keep the faith that everything is going to be alright. I want to let you ladies know that i know it can be hard and fustrating to be raising your kids alone, but always remember that no matter what role you have to play in your childs life always keep your faith, stay positive, and never let anyone tell you that you cannot make it. Always give extra encouragement to your children and remember to hug and kiss them more often. You may not realize it, but from those little eyes of theirs they are watching and learning every move we as parents make.
Happy Father's Day!!!!! ~Teniqua


  1. Teniqua,

    You are so a Mother, we wear so many different hats and occupy so many different roles but through it all GOD knows all and will supply our every need. ~Shen

  2. Thank you Shen!!!! You are SOOOO Right!!!!

  3. Teniqua.. you have said a mouth full!!.. I for one know first hand what it is like and how hard it is.. I try and keep the faith every day!. You are strong and I know you will come through it.. He knows what's best for us!.. Just keep believing!



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